ADA Knee Space at Sink

The ADA defines knee clearance as the space above the finished floor at the front edge of a sink, which must be no more than nine to twenty-seven inches. The minimum space underneath an ADA sink must be eight inches high. The height must extend the full width of the clear floor space under the […]

Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

Using social media to connect with prospective customers has become an essential part of the modern marketing strategy of roofing companies. In the past, relying on the traditional methods of direct mail, telephone calls, and television ads was a waste of time. But today, social media is the most cost-effective means of connecting with potential […]

Functions Venues – An Overview

If you are planning to hold an event Brisbane will be your best choice. This place is well known for hosting some of the biggest events around including music festivals, comedy shows, film premiers, and political conferences among others. However, because of this fame, Brisbane has developed as a major tourist destination making it accessible […]