Threadless Body Jewelry

In the vast universe of body jewelry, there are three main types: externally threaded, internally threaded and our star of the show–threadless! Think of externally threaded jewelry as your old school pal that’s a little rough on the skin, but with the new kid on the block comes all sorts of perks and a whole lot more ease.

In fact, many professional piercers prefer the safety, security and versatility of threadless jewelry for all of their clients’ new and healed piercings, especially in places like the earlobe, nostrils, helix, conch and navel. Unlike traditional studs with threads, which can poke and stick through your piercing holes and can be easily damaged (like the threads can get stretched out of shape by pulling or tugging), threadless jewelry utilizes a push-fit mechanism that is secured in place by friction, creating a more comfortable, secure fit for longer wear.

The beauty of threadless jewelry is that it’s universal–all the same backs and tops work together, which means you can switch out your jewelry throughout the day if you want to add a pop of color or texture or if you want to move your piercing around for a different look. You can also wear just one end, or swap out for a different decorative piece without having to get a new barbell.

When you’re ready to change up your style, just line up the decorative end with the piercing hole and press it in to secure the friction fit–it’s that easy! Just make sure to do it carefully, as the pressure of pushing in the end can actually weaken the push-fit and cause your jewelry to come loose.

Because the pressure-fit can also lose its integrity over time, it’s important to check that your jewelry is still securely in place often. To do this, simply bend the pin of your jewelry slightly and gently pull it out. If you notice that it isn’t quite tight enough, try bending the pin again to ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t come loose.

Just remember, with any piercing–even when it’s healed–always have your piercer assess the fit of your jewelry and recommend the best options for you and your piercings. This will help keep you comfortable, safe and happy for all of your future piercing adventures!