Conquest Pest Control

Pests are a common nuisance in homes. They can cause a variety of health issues and damage property. They can spread diseases, contaminate food, destroy crops and buildings, and chew wires. They can also irritate people and animals, leading to skin problems and respiratory issues. Pest control companies use different methods to eliminate them. They usually start by doing an inspection, and then they use traps or baits to catch the pests. They may also spray pesticides.

Conquest Pest Control Conquest Pest Control is based in Skokie, Illinois. It was founded in 2008 and is a privately held company. In July 2023, it was acquired by Plunkett’s Pest Control. The acquisition brought together two privately owned pest management companies and expanded Plunkett’s capabilities in the Chicago market.

The team at Conquest works hard to provide each customer with the best possible service and quality in a timely economical and Eco friendly manner. They start with a through inspection to evaluate the extent of the infestation and then devise a prescribed solution to your pest problems, utilizing techniques like source reduction (building pest out), habitat modification, vacuums and the use of the pesticides.

It specializes in bed bugs, termites, ants and other pests. Its employees are trained to identify and treat pest problems, and they offer services for both residential and commercial properties. The company has an office in Minneapolis and operates a branch in Columbus, Ohio. It has a partnership with Varment Guard Wildlife Services, which provides wildlife removal and control.

It has a strong work ethic, technical expertise and local knowledge to help its clients solve their pest problems. Its employees are also trained to identify pest behavior and to use integrated pest management techniques to prevent pests from returning. The company serves customers throughout the United States and has a reputation for customer satisfaction. It is a member of the National Pest Management Association and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It is also a Certified Green Firm and a Green Home Pro. The company offers free estimates. It accepts credit cards as a form of payment. It is an insured and licensed pest control company.