Is hair transplant worth it for men?

Hair loss is a destructive condition that can create a great deal of stress and anxiety and self-consciousness. It can additionally lead to weight gain, depression and also an uncertainty. For several males and females, the very best method to battle this is with a hair transplantation Birmingham. At PAI Medical Group, we delight in to provide advanced techniques as well as modern technologies such as the NeoGraft system. This allows us to achieve one of the most natural-looking outcomes for our clients, both males and females.

A hair transplantation is a surgically minimally-invasive treatment where healthy and balanced hair follicles are relocated from areas of the scalp that are immune to loss of hair (referred to as contributor sites) to bald or thinning areas. These locations are typically the back or sides of the scalp, yet can additionally be the top of the head. These roots are then used to complete the areas where hair is thinning or balding, producing a fuller and even more all-natural appearance.

The typical method of hair transplant, called follicular system hair transplant (FUT), involves operatively cutting an area of the scalp and also suturing or stapling the injury. This strip of hair is then divided right into private follicular units, with each containing one to 4 hairs. These roots are then transplanted right into the locations where they are required.

Our group of expert doctors as well as assistants are extremely trained as well as experienced in executing a hair transplantation Birmingham, utilising the latest technical innovations such as the DHI technique and also the ARTAS robot system. These techniques are able to reduce both the quantity of hair that is shed throughout the harvesting process and the moment it considers the scalp to heal after the procedure.

We also utilize the NeoGraft system, an innovative hair transplantation modern technology that removes the need for a scalpel cut as well as stitches, permitting patients to take pleasure in a more comfortable and also streamlined healing period. This strategy enables us to execute more grafts in one session, which can substantially minimize the variety of procedures and also the general cost of your hair transplantation.

After your hair transplant Birmingham hair transplants Birmingham , you will certainly have the ability to return house the same day. You will be supplied with an extensive set of directions concerning your scalp treatment and just how to unwind while you are recovering from the procedure. A lot of our clients have the ability to resume their regular day-to-day routines within 3 days.

During your first assessment, we will review one of the most appropriate therapy options for you, and also the expenses entailed. This is an essential phase in deciding whether you are ready for a hair transplant and will certainly assist to ensure that we have the ability to accomplish the right end result for you.

When the treatment is completed, you might see little marks around the location where the hair roots were drawn out and dental implanted. These will gradually fade over a few months and need to be quickly hidden with a close-cropped hairdo. You can anticipate to discover a significant enhancement in the density and density of your hair, however it will use up to twelve month for you to totally value the result of the therapy.